You’ll see everyone’s availability in the Family Calendar
Skedi unifies each family member’s events from work, home, or school.

Skedi saves you time and let’s you assign activities to parents, babysitters, or friends.
You’ll be confident they’ll take responsibility. Unlike other family calendars, you can delegate events such as appointments, drop-off and pickups, parents-night-out, and so on. If you can put it on a calendar, you can Skedi-it.

Skedi allows you to continue to use your favorite electronic calendar.
Distinct from other calendaring services, it syncs with and your device’s calendars (e.g., Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar). Requires in-app purchase.

Also, you’ll be able to view your Skedi events in your favorite calendar..
Is that cool or what? Skedi events always appear as “Booked by Skedi” in your preferred calendar. Requires in-app purchase.

We built Skedi with ease-of-use in mind.
Hey, we’re busy parents too.

We keep your personal data secure.
All data sent between the app and web server is securely encrypted using a 128-bit SSL certificate.

If you need help, we’ll provide you with support you need.
Learn more here.


Family view

Your Family’s Calendar

Your family’s calendar is in the cloud, check their availability on-the-fly. Tap the time blocks for more details.


Assign Activities or Events

Enjoy a night out and assign watching the kids to a responsible person in your family network (your babysitter, a friend, or another parent).

My Calendar view

Your Calendar

Tap events in the list, day, or month views to make changes or see more details. Tap the plus (+) button to create new events, invite family members, and delegate.


Your Notifications

Other parents, babysitters, and friends can accept or decline delegations and invitations in the app (requires in-app purchase). Since your kids are unlikely to be sporting an iPhone, events sent to kids are automatically accepted. Moreover, you’ll receive an email for every new invitation and when family members reply to events that you organize.

What’s Your Favorite Calendar App?

Skedi syncs with any iOS calendar (e.g., Microsoft Exchange, iCloud…). Requires in-app purchase.

Is it Apple’s Calendar app?

Here’s what our events look like in Apple’s Calendar app and Skedi.

Event in Apple's Calendar app and Skedi

Or another popular calendar?

Skedi events always appear as “(Booked by Skedi)” in your favorite calendar. Here’s how they appear in Google Calendar and Skedi.

Event in Google Calendar app and Skedi
Copy Events

Import and Export Events

Are you tired of retyping events in your calendar? Skedi lets you easily copy events from published school, club, or team calendars. You can also export events and import them in calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, and Google Calendar. Requires in-app purchase.

Realtime Availability

Realtime Family Status

When you create or edit an event, Skedi checks availability of family members in realtime.


Check everyone’s schedule on-the-fly

We’ll show you how to check every family member’s schedule and drill down to view event details.

Plan dinner out and book your babysitter

This demo illustrates how you can plan a dinner out with your partner and delegate watching the kids to your babysitter. Three easy steps:

1. Create a dining out event and invite your partner.

2. Make a babysitting event and delegate it to your babysitter.

3. Your babysitter receives the delegation request and accepts it. Then the delegated event is removed from your calendar.

How it works

Family of four
Jennifer and Michael Smith have two kids, Ethan and Emily. The Smith Family has a lot in common with many of today’s busy families. Both parents work, and the two kids have lots of activities. Jennifer and Michael both schedule events, and they share childcare responsibilities with their babysitter Sarah. The Smith’s are busy!

In spite of their full calendar, they can keep track of their schedule even when they’re on the go. They all use Skedi on their iPhones; it keeps them organized!

Jennifer keeps work and personal calendars on her iPhone and subscribes to group calendars for school, sport teams and scouts. Michael also keeps work and personal calendars on his iPhone and subscribes to group calendars.

The Skedi app keeps the Smith family calendar in the cloud. All the family members and babysitters (with Skedi on their iPhone or iPod touch) can keep track of what’s going on. Moreover, Skedi knows everyone’s actual availability because, in addition to Skedi events, with an in-app purchase, it reads Michael and Jennifer’s work and personal calendars and publishes their busy times to Skedi. However, these non-Skedi events always appear as private to other family members.

Skedi cloud calendaring graphic


Is the sign up free?

Will Skedi work with Microsoft Outlook?
Yes, you can learn how here.

Is there a subscription fee?
No, for the basic version of Skedi. Yes, if you purchase the premium version with iOS Calendar app syncing and other great features.

Do my kids need the Skedi app?
Yes, if they have an iPhone or iPod touch and you would like them to know their Skedi events; otherwise, no.

Do I need to enter my kids email addresses during sign up?
Yes, if they’ll be using the Skedi app; otherwise, no.

Where can I find answers to more questions?
Check out our help desk here.


Skedi is intuitive and easy to use, but if you need help, we’re here to lend a hand. Check out our user guide or visit our help desk to:

  • Find answers to questions and solutions to common problems.
  • Join the discussions and post questions in the forums.
  • Submit support requests, feature requests, and bug reports.

If you’re uncertain, send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.

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Rodax Software is a mobile software company founded by busy parents like you. We know parents struggle with busy schedules and different electronic calendars at work, school, home, and so on. So, we built Skedi!

We’re dedicated to making scheduling between family members and devices easier. If you have any questions about Skedi, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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